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Photos and comments from some of our previous customers

Want to let you know that we are enjoying every day with the puppy & he is beginning to fit into the pack very well. You'll also be happy to hear that he is enjoying meeting people & dogs and naturally loves the water.  He has already explored every piece of agility equipment we have in the yard and is loving his training tug for Flyball too.  He's already graduated from his puppy kinder class & will start novice flat agility work next week - We took him on a road trip to York, PA 2 weeks ago for a Flyball tournament & everyone LOVED him.  Took me 1/2 hour to get through the facility with him....

I'm receiving plenty of inquiries about Bitt - he has wonderful temperament, is playful, and is well adjusted to whatever we expose him to.  His natural drive and herding instinct is also a big plus - especially with the agility & Flyball community.
Bitt, a blue merle male, lives in Massachusetts
Here are some fresh shots of Hans, from today. We went to Santa Monica. I think that he will love the water. He put his paws in! Gotta get him to a dog beach now that he has all the shots.

Hans is a phenomenal puppy. He gets soooooo many compliments, on both the looks and the temperament.

Cannot thank you enough!!!
Hans, a black tri Toy Aussie, lives in California
Zydeco, a blue merle Toy Aussie female in Louisanna
Tobi, a blue merle Mini Aussie male in Vermont
Ziva, a blue merle Toy Aussie female in Texas
HI Wendy....I just had to write you and let you know how much we LOVE  Austin !!..he is the perfect little pocket dog...he soooo good...we call him "Johnny Angel !! He is such a pleasure to love...there isnt
anything about him we would change !! His temperament it
outstanding !!! We LOVE our little boy oh sooo much !!

When you have a tiny little blue merle guy with 2 blue eyes and a
blaze that will be Austins size....9 1/2 " please let us know...we
would love to add another one of your wonderful dogs to our family !!!
Austin, a teacup black tri Toy Aussie, lives in Canada

Just wanted to let you know the little guy is doing great, gosh he is small have to watch were we walk, We just love him and we call him Justin his registered name is going to be Just A Little Country Boy.

Lady is a bit standoffish with him yet but I'm sure that won't last long he plays with all Lady's favorite toys and she doesn't seem to mind. here's a few pictures take more soon Thanks again for such a wonderful little dog...

He has such a wonderful conformation for such a little guy. WE JUST LOVE HIM  and our LITTLE LADY two great dogs can't Thank you enough will keep you posted talk soon

Justin, a black tri Toy Aussie lives in Delaware
lady, a red merle Toy Aussie, lives in Delaware
A few photos of Boomer with my granddaughter. They are both blue eyed beauties and have some deep connection!! Boomer is ALWAYS at Jamie’s side and loves to play ball with her. He won’t let us near his ball unless we tell him to leave it – however she can crawl right in and pick it up and he just backs away. They are truly so sweet together. She was napping in my bed on the weekend and Boomer got in my room, hopped up on the bed and dropped his ball on her face...woke her up. I had to laugh...when he knows she is around he wants her to play...

He loves to empty my recycle bucket faster than I can fill it and he also loves to drag all the weeds I pull, all around the yard (I did a lot of yard work this weekend) and make a big mess! He almost caught a squirrel in the yard yesterday – he was very impressed with himself for that. My shih tzu sits under our Walnut tree all spring/summer head up watching and waiting for squirrels to chase. Seeing as Boomer is so quick – he’s giving those squirrels a run for their money. Once Boomer actually figures out chase the squirrel rather than chase the other dogs chasing the squirrel he may even catch one.

Boomer, a Toy Australian shepherd, blue merle lives in Vancouver Canada
We absolutely love our new little guy! He has fit right in with our family. He is a perfect gentleman and we are all in love with him. Here are a few pictures of him with us.

I wanted to tell you how much I absolutely love Jonny (Justa Little Jonagold).  he was an amazing surprise - and I was very surprised!  I could not ask for anything better.  He is settling in here very nicely.  It took a little while for our dogs to understand him, but they are now playing all the time and it is adorable and hiliarious to watch.  He is also getting along well with our cat and neighborhood dogs.  With people he is so friendly, and does his "wiggle butt" routine - everyone loves him.  Understandably.

He has a million toys from bottles to squeeky lions - and thoroughly enjoys playing with them in the house and outside. We love going for walks and an adventurous personality has developed. He knows "sit", "come", "lay down", "heel", to sit when a car goes by, and the procedure for fetching (which he is excellent at)!  He is very smart.   He is doing well on the leash as well.

Overall, Jonny is the best puppy I've ever known.  I love him so much, and I'm happy that he is mine! He is perfect! He even has a heart on his butt! thank you so much for the part you played and for making this all possible. I am forever grateful.
Jonny, a black tri Toy Aussie, lives in Vermont
We just love Alley so very much. She is the smartest puppy I have ever had. She is totally house broke, loves to ride in the car and truck...she has taken her place on the console...my lap...anywhere she wants. She is learned some new things at 3 1/2 months she shakes both paws, lays down, comes, sits, stays and is even learing roll over and loves when I tell her BANG and she gets to fall over like she is dead...it is so funny...she is such the drama queen!
She is definalty Heros girl, she loves to be anywhere I am! She would rather fall alsleep on my foot than anywhere else...I think she thinks she is gonna miss something!
Everyone just thinks she is so beautiful and of course so do we!!! I will attach some pics so you can see her!
Thanks again  we love our Alley girl

Alley, a red tri Toy Aussie, lives in Kentucky
Another update:

Alley is doing great! We still love her so much. I just thought you would like to hear something funny! I remember that you said Hero is with Jim all the time and when they are not together Hero sits in the window waiting...well...when I am outside or run to the store and don't take Alley (which isnt very often) she sits up in the window via my husbdans chair and waits for me til I come back...drives my husband crazy because she will be ther the WHOLE time just waiting...She sits on the back of the couch when I am sitting doing work and usually has her paw touching me...she never lets me out of her site...she is the MOST loyal dog I have ever seen!
I will update you with pics soon!
Thanks again!
Lucky, a blue merle male, lives in New York
We love Lucky
Lucky makes us so incredibly happy and we cannot thank you enough for making this possible. He is turning 6 months soon, a little over 6 pounds now and he gets sweeter and cuddlier with every day. Attached are two pictures of an encounter this wkend. A beautiful full-grown blue merle + Lucky. Their coloring is SO similar. People would stop on street and their jaws would just drop bc the two dogs looked so alike, just one of them 10x bigger than the other.
Many Thanks,