Justa Little Aussie

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Shhh don't tell anybody...

This is a subject most Aussie owners and breeders don't talk about unless asked.  A couple of months after you take your adorable Aussie puppy home.... the Puppy Uglies may strike! 
Also called Awkward Teenage Stage or Ugly Ducking Stage, Your puppy will lose it's furry puppy coat,  grow long legs, and get kind of scrawny looking.  It's head may look too narrow or too big. 
Don't panic!  In a few months your beautiful Aussie will begin to emerge again. 

I don't have many photos to demonstrate - I don't take many pictures when the puppies look awful.  If you have some you can contribute, please let me know.

Here are photos of Justa Little Trouble as at 8 weeks old, at 5 month old, and well on her way out of the "puppy uglies" at 1 year old. 

7 weeks old, adorable little ball of fur!

3 months old, legs getting longer, nose getting long, ears a little uneven.

10 weeks old, he's beautiful.

This is Dandy at 10 weeks old, wasn't he a cutie?

TaDaa!  The puppy uglies are here.  He's 4 months old and is all legs, with not much coat, funky ears, and long narrow face. 
I can't wait to take photos of him all grown up and beautiful!

But fully mature at 2 years old, she is BEAUTIFUL!

Kevlar at 8 months old.  WOW what an improvement!  He is going to be a gorgeous adult dog!

Dandy at 4 months old.  I think this is one of the worst cases of puppy uglies I have seen yet.

Thank goodness it isn't lasting long!  Here at 5 months old he is already looking MUCH better.